Affinity Systems LLC is an independent consulting company founded in 1997, and Competitive America is a registered service mark. The website has and will continue to advocate for American industry. The mission incorporates professional materials on resource management programs consisting of strategy, ERP, MRP, Process Improvement (Lean, Value Management Programs), Supply-Chain Management, and resource conservation. Our pervasive enemy is wasted time, material, money, energy, and natural resources.The mission is to enable clients to compete in a global economy by using resources productively. We passionately believe that business systems must support strategies, improve customer service, increase productivity, and improve profits. The needs of our clients determine the solution, and compromise is unacceptable.

The core principles are:

1. The production of goods and services is the core driver for economic systems.
2. Use strategies that incorporate business at the speed of reality.
3. Quality is an inclusive imperative.
4. The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer.
5. Resource conservation and elimination of waste are actionable and profitable.
6. Empowered, motivated, and educated workers drive profitability through innovation and productive actions.
7. Information systems are the highways for the smart enterprise.
8. ERP (MRP) systems are important resource management tools.
9. Continuous improvement programs reduce waste and increase productivity.
10. Supply Chains must be fast, efficient, and energy effective.

The genesis for Affinity Systems LC is manufacturing and information technology. Our heart is always in operations, but our essence is the intelligent application of systems methodology to resolve complex problems. These principles are integrated. The rewards accrue to the enterprise, the workers, and society in general. It is a win-win objective.

Business intelligence starts in the boardroom and flows through operations, forming the parameters for all activities and incorporating systems that support the business direction. The speed and quality of the systems shape business realities. Accurately deploying the production assets facilitates the successful completion of the business mission, be it a quality product, service or patient care. To this purpose, "Pathways to Adaptability - Eight Steps to the Adaptive Enterprise," was our first book publication.

Our business driver provided opportunities to work in a variety of enterprise environments. This diversity influenced our thinking, content for business classes, publications, speaking engagements, business assessment logic, and problem solving.

Our clientele share an important characteristic with Affinity Systems, making quality things happen. The quality standard has parity with the need for production. "Crunch Time for Health Care" addresses process improvement for health care. The book introduces a new problem solving methodology labeled "ACTION."

Affinity Systems LLC uses a structured approach for business needs assessment and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software selection and software implementation. Our training sessions prepare the organization for the process. Our book, "ERP Information at the Speed of Reality" provides a pragmatic and practical guide for the entire process.

Each business environment involves ERP systems that share similarities but also have profound differences. The essence of the business or driving force may vary between like enterprises. A quality systems analysis will identify all the elements, and help companies select and install systems that address functional needs.

Our new workbook, "ERP Lessons Learned - Structured Process" is a comprehensive implementation guide containing checklists and a business needs analysis questionnaire.

Client business types/operations include:

        Industrial / commercial equipment
        Rotating equipment -motors and generators including wind generators
        Pumps/pumping equipment/HVAC
        Brass and bronze wire
        Medical equipment
        Vertically integrated forest products
        Kitchen cabinets
        Convention management
        Printing - offset, silk screening
        Health Care
        Foundry (gray iron)
        Metal piercing/punch
        Aluminum extrusion and injection
        Metal cleaning systems
        Test labs
        Specialty manufacturing
        Accounting/financial applications

Systems Include:

        Strategic and operational planning
        ERP/MRP Enterprise planning systems
        Continuous improvement processes (VMS, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and TOC)
        Quality management (TQM)
        Supply Chain Management
        Supply Chain Collaboration
        Process mapping and modeling
        Process re-engineering
        Shop and capacity planning
        Warehouse management
        Just In Time (JIT)

Research Projects

China -white paper posted on the
Supply Chain Management-converted into a series of seminars.
Supply Chain Collaboration-converted into a seminar.
Trade - analyzed America's trade relationship to the rest of the world - a white paper is posted on the web site.
Energy - toured coalmines, oil refineries, coal fueled power plants, hydroelectric. The program resulted in new alternate energy products Induction generators for wind turbines, personal electrical generation, and triggered development of a chemical duty electric motor).
The risk Assessment, Doing Business in Mexico, resulted in a new business strategy.
Methods to gain competitive advantage resulted in strategic business transformation.
Strategy on manufacturing specials-used to transform business strategy.
RFID and compliance with Wal-Mart specifications-used to develop software solution.
Business Process Modeling-used to develop process mapping for the Lean and ERP seminars.

Wayne Staley

Wayne Staley established Affinity Systems LLC, a Rothschild, WI, based systems consulting company in 1997. He was an Army Operating Room Technician, who also worked in the Emergency Room and as an X-Ray Technician while attending college. His background in management and project leadership includes, Information Technology, Shop Operations, and Materials Management, Distribution, Business Management, and small business owner.

is business and personal travels allowed the development of photographic skills, providing rich opportunities and diverse subject content. These skills were bundled by forming Phase Four Graphics, who provided the photo-essays posted on Competitive America.
Education: Wichita State; Milwaukee Institute of Technology; University of WI, Marathon Campus; North Central Technical College

Education upgrades

Quality: Quality Transformation, TQM including Six Sigma, ISO 9000, DOD, TCO, and Safety Data Sheets (certified TQM).
Manufacturing World class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Product Development, Team Building, Machine shop, and manufacturing processes. Engineering systems, cost accounting, Concurrent Engineering
Strategy: Competitive Advantage, Change, International Business, and Distribution.
International: North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) trainer, Global Supply Chain management, China.
Information Technology: Multiple programming languages, various packages of all types, hardware, Document / Content Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Relationship Management, web development, and E-commerce.


His experience includes manufacturing, distribution, government, health care, and service enterprises. He started/owns two small businesses. He has managed numerous Enterprise Resource Planning and process improvement systems in the private sector, then for client companies as a consultant. He has worked on supply chain collaboration/certification efforts, including international programs with China and Mexico. He participated in collaboration programs with Dow Chemical, and the team won the first certification for the product class. He established and conducted multiple collaboration programs with key customers. We posted two Supply Chain Collaboration presentations on this website. Wayne created, to advocate for the American factory system.


Taught APICS certification classes on ERP and Systems and Technology.
Taught numerous classes to clients including ERP, continuous improvement, software selection, setup reduction, how to use software.
Conducted two regional APICS seminars and addressed numerous APICS and AITP Chapters.
Conducted a one-day ERP training seminar as a scholarship fundraiser for the Central Wisconsin Valley chapter of APICS.
Information Technology curriculum board member for North Central Technical College


Wayne has posted numerous white papers, photo-essays, and authored four books.

Pathway to Adaptability - Executive Lean and Eight Steps to the Adaptive Enterprise
Crunch Time For Health Care - with Jon Bingol, co-author.
ERP Information at the Speed of Reality
ERP Lessons Learned - Structured Process

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