ERP Information at the Speed of Reality

Due Diligence starts with defining business needs, converting them into systems specifications, and matching requirements to systems/software functionality. Many projects are doomed from the beginning. Deep into the implementation, project teams attempt to deal with critical unrecognized or misunderstood requirements and find only negative alternatives.

Major project pitfalls are assumptions, bias, and fixation. The software selection process is intricate and filled with subtle traps, both human and technical.

Projects fail at three key stages: Due diligence, software selection, and implementation. Failure involves both people and technology. A structured process increases the probability of success at every stage of the project.

Consultants, executives, project leaders, and software suppliers all play games, introducing unnecessary variables into a complex process. Building empowered teams requires more than throwing a group together and expecting problems to resolve themselves.

Sharing our knowledge helps businesses succeed. Some of our stories are enlightening, but not funny. Companies, their employees, and ownership paid the price. Ignorance is not bliss, excusable, or acceptable.

This book is an excellent starting point for assessing business processes. Think beyond the obvious and avoid major project surprises through education, training, and comprehensive due diligence.

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