Productivity Prescriptions for Health Care

The primary mission of health care professionals, executive leadership, and associates is delivering quality health care to patients. The past model was patient to doctor, but numerous administrative wedges have divided the principals, adding complexity and cost.

For this book, the authors decided to break the conventional approaches to process improvement, simplifying it into core elements and prescriptions.

The objective was to find a system that recognized all the special characteristics of health care, those important differences in purpose and mission. Productivity Prescriptions for Health Care provides a structured program methodology for defining and implementing contemporary programs specifically designed for the unique requirements of health care organizations.

First, we synthesized the thinking techniques TRIZ, Lateral Thinking, Critical Thinking, DATT, and effective thinking, creating a problem solving methodology labeled ACTION.

We correlated, synthesized, and reduced the multiple process improvement methods, including the Toyota Production system, Lean Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints, into core concepts. These formed the productivity prescriptions.

Collectively, these methods form H-Lean, the concepts building a new, simplified, approach to process improvement.

For the practitioners of Lean, health care is a special calling. Nothing parallels the heart-breaking experience of watching life fade while working frantically to preserve it. The thought that cost containment potentially makes life-saving tools less accessible, is repugnant and immoral.

We have created a special symbol as a constant reminder; life trump efficiency.

Productivity improvement programs are required for future health care sustainability, with quality and efficiency the twins for success.

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