ERP Lessons Learned - Structured Process

The failure rate for ERP projects still exceeds 40%. Through this book and ERP Information at the Speed of Reality, we at Affinity Systems LLC are dedicated to significantly improving the success rate.

Businesses must compete within constraints such as capital formation, growth, automation, governmental regulation, and global competition. To these, add economic resource circularity concerns dealing with sustainability, availability, yield, carbon footprints, repurposed materials, and waste. Resource planning and management are becoming ever more complex and imperative.

Competition is about speed, quality, adaptability, and productivity. These factors apply equally to goods, services, manufacturing, supply chains, and decision-making, all demanding timely information and fast processes. As velocity increases, business systems must retain high levels of integrity and provide actionable data in real time. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the information super highways for adaptive and agile processes. Lean Six Sigma provides the tools to speed up operational realities.

ERP Lessons Learned - Structured Process presents a Nine Step method. It includes translating business systems into software definitions, then evaluating, purchasing, and installing an ERP solution. The implementation of a contemporary improvement program completes the tool set. Use ERP/Lean to build successful business systems.

Two reviews posted on Amazon

1. "ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a crucial part of maintaining and growing a business in our modern world. This book acts as a guide in choosing and implementing an ERP system for your business. The author clearly has much experience in this field and this book covers many contingencies. It can help the implementing team to wade through options and realize the best system for the money".

2. "This book shares valuable information with regards to manufacturing environment. The examples provided shows the author had first hand experience within the subject itself and shared valuable insights regarding puzzling situations for today's working environment".

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