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Asked why he took the time to write and share his real world experiences, Wayne Staley, owner of Affinity Systems LLC and Phase Four Graphics replied, "I'm angry at failed strategies, ERP, and process improvement projects caused by executive management, consultants, software suppliers, improper training, and lack of a structured process. Project teams, including executive management, are inadequately informed about what problems to anticipate, and how to avoid victimization. Part of the reason is the literature insufficiently spells out the pitfalls and negative human interactions, and partially because it pays to cover-up the dark side."

"Waste in information projects worldwide amounts to billions of dollars. We want successful implementations that elevate America's competitive position in the global marketplace. In these books, we tell it like it is, knowing that some consultants, executive management and software suppliers will be offended. Tough, the truth hurts, but it sets us free."

ERP Information at the Speed of Reality

Every type of business must execute effectively and move from a physical and information reality of weeks and days to minutes and seconds. ERP projects are complex, involving strategies, internal assessments, evaluation of multiple alternatives, and making critical business decisions. Our book analyzes situations jeopardizing projects of all types. Many of our targets are uncomfortable. That means the book is effectively communicating harsh realities. ERP systems are so expensive that failure is not an option. A structured process and evidence based decisions lead to successful project results.

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ERP Lessons Learned - Structured Process

This is Affinity System's training program workbook for project members. Readers of this book are either preparing for or involved with a major information management project. We commend your effort to contribute time and energy building competitive force in the work- place. This will not be an easy task, and sometimes a thankless one.
Successful projects result from the efforts of team members and business associates, not just technology capability. Team members represent fellow workers not directly involved in the project. The implied responsibility is great, and there are positive actions you can take to include everyone.

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Pathway to Adaptability

This book on strategy builds a systematic eight-step conceptual foundation defining the adaptive enterprise. The chain of change starts with the Board of Directors, progressing through seven major steps. The reward is a smart and adaptive organization honed to fight for business in a competitive market place. This is a brutal climb with real risks, but many enterprises are already traveling on it, some running hard. They may be your competitors.

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Productivity Prescriptions for Health Care

Wayne L Staley and Jon Bingol

For this book, the authors decided to break the conventional approaches to process improvement, simplifying it into core elements and prescriptions.

First, we synthesized the thinking techniques TRIZ, Lateral Thinking, Critical Thinking, DATT, and effective thinking, creating a problem solving methodology labeled ACTION.

We correlated, synthesized, and reduced the multiple process improvement methods, including the Toyota Production system, Lean Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints, into core concepts. These formed the productivity prescriptions.

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Decision-Making In A Disruptive Reordering

The common denominator for success in a disruptive world is the development of good decision-making skills. This timely, insightful guide provides a practical blueprint to the decision-making process, with an emphasis on students, entrepreneurs, and people re-entering the workplace. It contains a special section for team formation, decision-making, and consensus. Mark Burwell, Evolutions Business Group, wrote the foreword. The book contains photographs and quotes on STEM education from Alan Marten, Owner/Entrepreneur, Marten Machining, Stevens Point, WI.

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They Will Do Anything: Identity Theft & Internet Fraud

They Will Do Anything: Identity Theft and Internet Fraud is an easy-to-read resource to learn about how personal or business information is exposed, used, and exploited by the wrong people. It includes what YOU CAN DO to help protect yourself from identity thieves and Internet scammers. It is important to understand that everyone is at risk, but there are actions that reduce the chances of becoming a victim. While researching the book, the author, an IT professional, was amazed at how sophisticated and technologically advanced these cybercriminals have become. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ASSUMING YOU HAVE All THE ANSWERS BECAUSE NO-ONE DOES. This book, however, is a good place to start, and provides abundant references where the reader can drill-down and extend their knowledge.

The use of the book continues to expand, and it is the core document for our education classes, including RSVP seniors, business groups, and young people.

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The Little Boy Asked - Why? The Search for Answers

American citizens, especially the young adults, got a raw deal. America once provided unlimited promise to every citizen, and while still a great country, the American dream is fading. Many young people work at jobs far below their educational levels or potential. All face a very challenging future, even the very successful, who must maintain and grow their comparative advantage.

The one obvious, but sad fact is the American dream is fading and we wanted to dig out the real reasons.

The Little Boy Asked - Why? The Search for Answers is the product of a journey. Packing cameras, we set out to explore the real world. We made multiple discoveries, and took numerous photographs. The truth emerged when we analyzed the data, supplemented it with intense research, and invested the time and effort to write this book. An extensive bibliography, along with numerous URLs is included to help you check the sources for the analysis.

The analysis proved deeply disturbing. America is self-destructing, and the Republic is in imminent danger. Many people think the game is over but there is still time for action. We must face and fix the core problems. The alternative is to waste time with delusional inaction, eventually falling into a vortex of social and economic turmoil.

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Our Advocacy Books

Freedom and Opportunity - Stop Redistributing and Downsizing America

This book is about America, the country that I deeply love. This great experiment in democracy is failing because of the leadership that we, the citizens, voted into power. It does not matter about political affiliation, race, religion, or any of the factors that politicians use to differentiate us. Look around, do a little research. Take out a piece of paper and write down where we are better off as a country.

Economically, the middle class has lost purchasing power. Young people still cannot find appropriate employment. With the now-standard thirty-hour workweek, people are struggling unless they have two jobs or two incomes.

The black community has suffered even more, with higher unemployment, and the worst racial relationships since the 1960s. The promises of improved education and opportunities were more of the same lies aimed at retaining the Black community's Democratic Party affiliation, while avoiding the need to solve the problem. The Republican Party today is little better, all talk and no-walk. The American people need positive action from both parties, not more words, while politicians luxuriate behind rich entitlement programs at our expense.

We need to take back our country for everyone, but first must face the facts, the purpose behind this book. Three of the greatest questions of our time are:
1. Why does this country now struggle to build a positive future for our children? 2. Why was a powerful America, in less than twenty years, reduced to groveling to Iran, Russia, China, and every country in between? 3. What are the consequences of our failure to act as one people? It does not have to be this way. We have all the resources needed to revolutionize America and provide opportunities for everyone. American industry only needs the freedom to make it happen, but we have to get past the politics.

This book explores the concept for a new American future.

We are not Democrats or Republicans but Americans. If unable to accept that fact, and work together, turn out the lights on a free America, and there will be no one else to blame.

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