The research yielded a great deal of material on subjects that we, as Americans, do not want to recognize.

The book addresses the unprecedented decline of America, as an economic, industrial, military, and political power. Unfortunately, much of the recent deterioration achieved by the redistribution and downsizing of America's influence was a plan fulfilled. The book documents the reasons, without the constraint of political correctness.

When released last year, one reviewer thought it was harsh, and the predicted consequences too severe. History is proving it is spot-on, and the situation has worsened.

The sad conclusion is that we have failed, as parents and leaders. For the first time in modern history, our children and grandchildren have fewer opportunities than previous generations. We all must live with the consequences of a poorer nation, at least for now.

The good news is that we have rich and abundant resources. We have the power of choice to reverse the situation and build an opportunity driven society around high technology, green systems, and respect for all Americans. Faced with choices of immense consequence, we can continue this decline, or build a positive future.

The first step to recovery requires understanding the problem. This book analyzes the forces that converged to put us in this situation. Given that information, American citizens can plan a future loaded with possibilities and opportunities.

The purpose of the book was to answer the little boy's question, "why?" The second objective was defining potential solutions. It achieves both goals.

The vision of a future, and making it happen, are challenges for all Americans. How citizens vote, and the actions they take will determine whether America stays on the path of decline.

We have the power to take back our future.

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