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Achieving competitive advantage requires an enterprise management that puts the focus on effectiveness before efficiency. They must do the right things before doing it fast. Our seminars and presentations were forged in the heat of necessity and tempered with the pragmatism of project management while enganged in practical application. These projects include multiple ERP projects, supply chain management, process involvement and customer / supplier collaboration. These presentations have been used by Affinity Systems LLC to prepare organizations for software and process improvement programs. They have been presented to public and private groups. They are now used by Competitive America to help build the powerful American manufacturing system needed to keep America economically viable.

Change permeates all activities. How Americans respond to the focus of change will determine either the decline of our society or ascension to a higher plane of freedom and harmony with the natural systems.

Presentation - One Hour
Change at the Edge of Chaos and Order is primarily aimed at the business community but it has application for audiences of all types. In this session, the attendees will learn the importance of making positive change and how it relates to new systems and processes.

Our competitors
American manufacturing is at risk in the global economy but protectionism is folly. The solution is to understand our competitors strengths and weaknesses plus our own. Armed with knowledge we can seek trade reciprocity and achieve true excellence in adaptive, energy efficient and environmentally friendly factories.

Presentation - One Hour
The New Great Wall of China explores this fascinating competitor and how they really do business. This session has proved to be controversial with those fixated on opportunity without exploring the risk. It is richly illustrated and for groups of all types. Attendees will gain deeper understanding of this key international competitor.

Presentation - One Hour
Global Competition - Fighting Back covers steps that enterprises can take to compete in the global arena. This presentation is highly illustrated and is the graphic precursor to the book "Pathway to Adaptability". It is primarily for business groups and attendees will gain an insight into actions we can take to effectively compete in the global economy.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain programs address the logistical aspect of acquiring, converting, and managing product. Supply Chains are the lifeblood of the horizontal factory and distribution systems. To be fast and effective, they must be well engineered and integrated into the other business systems.

Seminar - One Half Day
Engineering Global Supply Chains is presented as a two-part session. The first addresses the operational supply chain issues. While it discusses some theory, it is aimed at practical application. Participants will gain new perspectives on this rapidly changing function.

Presentation - One Hour
The Executive Role in Engineering Global Supply Chains presentation summaries the issues addressed in the first seminar. It focuses on the leadership tasks that can only be executed by top management. Normally presented as an evening session following the seminar, it also stands-alone.

Supply Chain Collaboration
Supply Chain Collaboration creates and builds on natural synergies between customers and suppliers. They multiply the effectiveness of the supply chain and strengthen the relationship between partners.

Presentation - One Hour
Supply Chain Collaboration- Getting Past the Theory, was developed while working on customer/supplier programs including Dow Chemical and Chinese companies. A pool of lessons learned was compiled and integrated into the presentation. Attendees will learn about dangers as well as opportunities.

Enterprise Information Systems
ERP is the dominant business system. Business enterprises of all types are embracing the concept yet many users do not understand the core concepts. The Structured process was developed over 30 years of installing enterprise systems. In addition, we spent eighteen months researching and surveying software suppliers to discover productive ways to interact. The entire process, poorly done, adds cost, complexity, and risk to the business. Following is our four step training process developed to address the needs of our clients as they embark on ERP projects. The sessions are conducted as either internal or external seminars. Each session is capable of standing alone.

ERP Class - Basics
This class was developed and refined over many years. At first, we followed and taught the APICS Certification class. In private industry, we needed to accelerate training for new ERP users in project environments to achieve successful implementations. The intent is to provide a conceptual base for those working with ERP. Seminar - One Half Day

Session 1 ERP Lessons Learned - Foundations
Every enterprise has marketing, production, and product realities that provide its shape. This is a critical consideration in defining the best programs to improve the enterprise. This class is for all types of ERP users including manufacturing, distribution, construction, agri-business, and hospitals. Attendees will learn how to differentiate their enterprise type. Seminar - One Half Day

Session 2 ERP Lessons Learned - Structured Process
Selecting and installing Enterprise Software requires a structured process. Enterprises have been installing ERP systems for forty years but continue to repeat mistakes. This approach establishes one methodology. This class is for those embarking on a mission critical ERP program. Attendees will learn a structured methodology for software selection and implementation. Seminar - One Half Day

Session 3 ERP Lessons Learned - Executive Overview
Successful software selection requires an involved and knowledgeable executive staff. This session is for Boards of Directors, Executive Management, Middle Managers, and Project managers. Participants will learn the critical actions that executive management must perform to facilitate the effort and lead to each success. Presentation - One Hour

Process Improvement
Process improvement is the path to operational excellence. Lean, Six-Sigma and TOC are favored approaches but require a significant time investment. A new software system will not work and ROI projections will be missed without making changes. These sessions address the practicality of process improvement for ERP projects, and form the base to evolve into full-fledged Lean programs.

Seminar - One Half Day
This class was developed to rapidly implement process improvement programs. In some enterprises, necessity demands immediate results as opposed to the more formal approach used in Lean. This program is for selective internal programs.

Seminar - One Half Day
There are multiple process improvement tools such as process mapping, gap analysis, intensive planning, and the use of analysis methods such as Praeto diagrams. This seminar teaches the attendees how to use certain of these tools and creates an awareness of the others.

Seminar - One Half Day
Setup reduction is the key to collapsing the time. This session teaches the techniques to achieve faster setups by addressing both internal and external factors. It addresses tooling methodology. This session is for manufacturing professionals and as part of training for process Improvement teams.

Presentation - One Hour
Kanban is a powerful work management methodology introduced within the Toyota Systems concepts. Kanban has been incorporated into many ERP systems but the application requires knowledge of its working fundamentals. This session achieve that purpose.

Presentation - One Hour
Gain sharing is a process improvement technique frequently used to reward participants. While frequently used, it has pitfalls that diminish its effectiveness. This session surfaces these hidden problems. Attendees – those responsible for process improvement programs.

Presentation - One Hour
Demand Flow is an important concept. This session is provides an overview of the concept. Attendees - those responsible for process improvement programs or those interested in finding out what it is.

Training and presentation Fees
All programs can be modified to incorporate internal documents and illustrations. We have the skill sets necessary to photograph operations and processes for inclusion in the materials.

Additional fees will be charged for modifying presentations to achieve specific emphasis or to include internal documents and illustrations. Cancellation charges made after travel fees have been incurred will billed to the client organization.

Contact us for fees and availability at or call at 715-573-8911.

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